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Maintenance Knowledge Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Maintenance knowledge of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :

1. Clean the stainless steel cabinet.

①Although the stainless steel cabinet is made of stainless steel, if the stains attached to it are not cleaned up in time, it will affect the appearance, and the stains will also corrode the stainless steel, so you need to scrub together after meals, and try not to contact alkaline substances;

②Use warm water or detergent to clean dust and other stains, and use neutral detergent or ammonia solution to clean oil stains;

③ Use a soft rag to clean the stainless steel cabinet, do not use hard scraping such as metal;

④Clean the surface trademark, film, warm water and weak detergent. Adhesive ingredients, here reminds you to use alcohol or organic solvents for scrubbing.

⑤Do not use hard steel balls, chemical wiping or brushing when cleaning stainless steel sinks, and wipe with soft towels, soft cloths or neutral detergents. Otherwise, it can cause scratches or erosion.

2. Maintenance of stainless steel cabinets.

①When in use, try not to directly touch the cabinet body, such as the pot body and the kettle;

② Avoid placing sharp objects on the stainless steel cabinet to avoid scratches;

③Chemical solvents cannot be placed on the cabinet, otherwise it will rust after corroding stainless steel;

④Avoid using a hot pot and directly touch the stainless steel cabinet. Best placed on a pot rack.

⑥ Avoid touching the table top and door panel with sharp objects to avoid scratches.

⑦ Wipe frequently to make sure the surface is clean.