Low-key, High Style: Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet With Adaptable Trend


The laundry room is often designed as a star character […]

The laundry room is often designed as a star character on the residential stage. They usually play aspiring - for example, a housewife's nest, or a magical place to clean dirty clothes. But today some creative space designers will look at the ordinary laundry room into a stylish place. Let's take a look at the charm of the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet  with the AFA Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers.


Sometimes this is because of space constraints - for example, in a small apartment, the space reserved for the balcony is small. Or there may be enough space, but there is no wall, just use the door frame to distinguish the living area. In the face of such space, we should choose a small size stainless steel laundry tank when decorating.


Many people think that the laundry room is static. In fact, although the large ones are washing machines, stainless steel washing tanks, and laundry tables, in order to match the surrounding style, some green plants can be added to blend them into the appearance of adjacent spaces. Let the stainless steel laundry room match the style, color, materials and finishes of other furniture. Let the whole look not so awkward.


When designing the laundry room, the principle that has always been adopted is simple, green and bright. The laundry room is a cold feeling, so the warm lighting can not only make the whole stainless steel laundry feel comfortable, but also The light reflected on the stainless steel material will not be very glaring, so try to choose a soft and clean style.


In life, you often feel that the storage space is not enough. The reasonable design of the stainless steel laundry room can also save space. For example, the water valve is installed under the washing trough, and the washing machine is placed under the countertop, which is beautiful and saves. space. And above the design countertop is the wall cabinet can help increase storage space.