Lavatory Cabinet Factory Introduces The 4 Requirements For Choosing Laundry Cabinets


Lavatory Cabinet Factory introduces 4 requirements for […]

Lavatory Cabinet Factory introduces 4 requirements for selecting laundry cabinets:

1. Discoloration of the cabinet. Stainless steel balcony laundry cabinets of any material will turn yellow if exposed to sunlight all year round. So when the stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet is not used, finally install a curtain on the balcony window.


2. Size. Ceramic basin is best for small size, artificial stone is generally used for large size. The deformation rate of ceramics is very high because it is above 80 cm. There is no problem with artificial stone. As long as the artificial stone is used properly, the service life is very long.


3. Function. When choosing a stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet, the first consideration is of course practical functions. For example, a soap net for soap. Towel bar for towels, pull blue for temporary dirty clothes. Stainless steel is tailor-made for consumers and belongs to your balcony


4. Humanization. Washing machine combination cabinets are relatively popular, and they are also combination cabinets, but the details of the high and low basin treatment are more humane. The height of domestic women is generally around 160 cm. The stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet needs to put down the washing machine, and the total height must be more than 90 cm. (The height of the drum washing machine is generally 82-86 cm.) Women whose height is below 160 will be very uncomfortable to use. The treatment of the high and low basin is 90 cm in the washing machine part, but it is 5 cm lower outside the sink. Only 85 cm.