Lavatory Cabinet And Niches Are Popular Choices For Modern Decoration


When it comes to the bathroom, people's first thought i […]

When it comes to the bathroom, people's first thought is that it is too humid, so when designing washbasins and other places that are often exposed to water, people often pay more attention to choosing waterproof Lavatory Cabinet . In addition to eating, niches are also designed. Here are three ways to design niches:


1. Make good use of the concave structure of the wall

Many apartment types are not completely neat, and many bathroom types have the feeling of "compressed" space. Sometimes it seems that there is enough space, because of the influence of two load-bearing walls, it was shelved and abandoned. In fact, at this time, you may try to use the concave structure to make an alcove. Only a partition or shelf is needed to reach it completely. The role of niches.


2. Make good use of the wall of the sewer pipe

In the decoration process, some toilets need to include a water pipe. At this time, the wall of the water pipe can be fully used. Make a suitable niche above the water pipe or the space behind the toilet, whether it is placed or plants Not bad, especially the latter can also purify the air.


3. Make niches on the partition

The toilet partition is a common design in the home, especially the wall partition can not only prevent moisture but also waterproof, and at the same time, it can also make a big fuss on the wall. At this time, a groove was dug in the partition, which can not only create a decorative feeling, but also meet the function of the alcove.