Knowledge About Laundry Cabinets


What kind of Laundry Cabinets easy to use? In other wor […]

What kind of Laundry Cabinets easy to use? In other words, how can Laundry Cabinets be used? Let's talk about the detailed design that affects the practicality of Laundry Cabinets .


1. Inside the cabinet

Horizontal storage is much more practical than vertical storage

But this design is not reasonable. The height inside the Laundry Cabinets is too large, and sometimes a large bottle of shampoo is put into it, which accounts for less than two-thirds of the height.

And the things that are placed in the Laundry Cabinets are often irregular in shape. They cannot be stacked, they can only be laid flat on the floor. So in many cases, there are no more things in the cabinet, but at least half of the space is still free.

The best way to solve this problem is to store it horizontally. For example, make a horizontal partition in the cabinet to make one space into two spaces. Or make a drawer on the bathroom cabinet and use the drawer for storage.


2. Countertop

The table can be extended indefinitely, as is the mirror

There is a cabinet, so there is a countertop-this is the directional thinking of most people. Therefore, the countertops of Laundry Cabinets in most people's homes often only cover the cabinets.

This design has no defects, but has some shortcomings. The size of the cabinet was fixed because of obstacles in the side. But if there is no cover next to the Laundry Cabinets, why should it be confined around the cabinet?

On the extended countertop, you can place cleaning supplies or only a few aromatherapy-as long as there is a countertop, it will not be wasted, this can be assured.