Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Working Principle Of Electric Faucet


I believe that every family must have an electric water […]

I believe that every family must have an electric water faucet when renovating a new house. The appearance of the electric water faucet greatly facilitates our lives. Not only can hot water be supplied at any time, but also connected to the kitchen, so that we can use heat in winter Wash the dishes. So how much do you know about the electric faucet we need to use every day? Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers, let's share how it works?


The electric hot water faucet includes a faucet body and a water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating cavity and an electric appliance control cavity. The electric appliance control cavity is separated from the heating cavity by a sealing plate. The electric appliance control cavity is provided with a heating circuit, and the heating cavity is provided with heating The power of the heating tube is generally 2-3KW, and hot water can be heated in 5-10 seconds. The heating tube is connected to the heating circuit, characterized in that the heating tube is an insulating heating tube.


Insulated heating pipe is water and electricity isolated insulated heating pipe; most of the faucet body is high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, and a few are all metal type; insulated water pressure switch is provided in the electrical control cavity; electrical switch is provided in the heating circuit, electrical switch and insulation The end of the water pressure switch is connected, and the water is turned on and the power is turned off. The heating circuit is provided with a temperature controller and a dry burning prevention device; the heating circuit is also provided with a leakage protection switch.


Tap water enters the electric faucet through the valve core and pushes the floating magnetic or water pressure switch. The floating magnetic or water pressure switch changes from open to closed under the action of water pressure, thereby turning on the power. After the power is turned on, the heating indicator lights up and the heating tube At the same time, it begins to heat and transfer heat to the tap water in the faucet, so that the tap water comes out of the faucet is hot water. If the spool is off or cold water is turned on, the internal floating magnet or water pressure switch will not start, the circuit will be disconnected, the indicator light will not light, and the heating tube will not heat up.


Electric hot water faucet is very convenient and fast in the actual use process, can make hot water in 5 seconds, it is really a big boon for us. However, the electric hot water faucet also needs regular maintenance. If you find a problem, you must repair it in time. If you find the problem and ignore it, it is very dangerous.