Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Steps For Selecting Faucets


There are also many uses of faucets in the home, whethe […]

There are also many uses of faucets in the home, whether it is in the kitchen or the bathroom, it needs its presence. Don’t look at this small part, its selection is also very particular. Let’s take a look at the selection with Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers . Steps of tap:


1. Look at the coating
The surface of the faucet is mostly chrome-plated and nickel-plated. The number of treatment layers is different, and the effect achieved will also be different. For products with poor coating quality, the surface color will be white and the touch is not smooth. Careful observation can easily find pores or oxidation spots, low hardness is easy to produce scratches, easy to corrode and rust. The good quality coating has high brightness and uniform color, and can reflect the figure like a mirror. At the time of purchase, you can try it by hand or breath. The faucet that disappears quickly has relatively good coating quality.


2. Look at the style
With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics, there are more and more styles of faucets on the market, single handle, double handle, touch type, etc., when buying, it should be decided according to the family's usage habits, product installation location and decoration style. Friends who like convenience and speed, simple home improvement style can choose a single handle hot and cold water faucet products, and those who are accustomed to adjusting the water temperature with both hands, and the European style of home improvement style can choose a double handle faucet. Touch faucets are commonly used on washbasins, suitable for Young fashion family.


3. Look at the logo
The logo of the brand faucet is usually printed with laser, which is beautiful and will not hinder the use of consumers. In some workshops, the OEM and miscellaneous products have no logos, or the workmanship is rough, which hinders the appearance and use.


4. Test spool
The main part of the faucet is the spool, which is opened dozens of times a day without problems, and it mainly depends on it. Common faucet spools include stainless steel ball valves, ceramic disc spools, and shaft-roller spools. Most of the products now have ceramic spools. Good product spools can withstand hundreds of thousands of opening experiments. It is impossible to directly see the tap when selecting it, but you can feel it by tossing the handle back and forth. It is best not to choose products that are too loose or too tight. Only those that feel comfortable and smooth, and use flexible and comfortable taps are good products.


4. Test feel
The faucet should be matched with the sink, bathtub, and other sanitary ware. Reach out to feel the height, range of motion, and outlet angle of the faucet. Only the ergonomic design will be comfortable. Water-saving products, you can see if it is really water-saving through the feel of trial. Feel whether the product's bubbler blends the ratio of water and air well and whether the water column formed is sufficient and soft.


6. Ask about warranty
Finally, ask the sales staff about the warranty status of the faucet. The products of general brands promise a free warranty for five years, and some well-known brands will promise a longer time, so it is best to ask first when you choose.