Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Role Of Water-Saving Faucets


The purpose of the water-saving faucet is to solve the […]

The purpose of the water-saving faucet is to solve the problem of saving water and preventing the flooding of other people's homes. It is mainly composed of upper water pipe, spring, long piston, hydraulic device, short piston, u-shaped pipe, tee, down water pipe, safety valve, pedal, and three-prong groove. Its characteristic is that the lower end pressure of the short piston is connected to the upper end of the hydraulic device, the left end pressure of the hydraulic device is connected to the right end of the long piston, the left end of the three-way is sleeved on the whole of the safety valve, and the lower part of the safety valve is fixed on the upper end of the pedal, using plastic The equipment of the factory is mass-produced to meet the needs of the living world.


Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers introduced that choosing a water-saving faucet depends not only on whether the design is fresh and fashionable but also on the quality of the valve core. Common faucet valve bodies on the market include stainless steel ball valves, ceramic disc valve bodies, and roller-type valve bodies. The best is the faucet made of a ball valve, which is recognized as the best water-saving product in the industry. Especially the stainless steel ball valve and copper ball valve can control the water temperature to ensure that the hot water flows out quickly and accurately, saving water and energy.