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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Replacement Steps Of The Faucet Valve Core

The frequency of faucet use is very high, whether it is in family life or outdoors, it is indispensable. Due to the frequent use, the frequency of problems is also very high. Just like we often encounter water leakage in the faucet, it is necessary at this time to Disassemble the faucet to see if there is any problem with the card spool and replace it if there is any. But here, some friends are

The method of the faucet valve core is not too clear. Below, Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers introduces the steps to replace the faucet valve core:


1. Preparation work. If the spool is broken, you must first buy one to replace it. The new spool must fit the faucet. Under normal circumstances, spools are available in stores corresponding to faucet brands, and they are all available. Prepare a flat-nose or Phillips screwdriver, or Allen wrench, according to the screws of your own faucet, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a knife.


2. Remove the hot and cold water buttons. Before replacing the spool, find the water source switch of the faucet, and then turn it off to prevent water spraying during replacement. Then find the Leng Ranshui button, perhaps a plastic cup, and pry it off with a small blade so that you can see the screws inside.


3. Remove the handle and turn on the hot and cold water buttons to see what the shape of the screw is, whether it is a flat, cross, or hexagonal screw, and then decide which screwdriver or Allen wrench to use. Remove the screw in the hole with a screwdriver, and then the handle of the faucet can be removed.


4. Unload the spool. After removing the handle, you can see the spool. Some spools have a fixed shell cover. Remove the cover. Then you can see the clamp that fixes the spool. There are generally four claws on the clamp. Use the two ends of the needle-nose pliers to clamp the two claws, and then rotate clockwise to remove the clamp.


5. Equipment, after removing the card, you can remove the broken valve core, then put the new valve core equipment, reverse the previous process, reinstall the other components, and install the faucet handle After that, check the water source valve and try to see if there is water leakage. When there is no problem, lock the handle tightly and install the plastic cap for hot and cold water.