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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Process Strategy Of Installing Faucets

A faucet is an indispensable item for every family. When you buy a faucet, you will find that many businesses do not include the installation, so some owners will choose to install it themselves. However, many owners do not know much about the installation of faucets, so how should the kitchen faucet be installed? Kitchen faucets manufacturers introduces the process strategy of installing faucets.

1. The installation method of the kitchen water faucet is relatively simple. We will first remove the installation accessories of the faucet, and then connect the two water inlet pipes to the water inlet of the faucet; after connection, we will put the installation accessories in the hose, from the top The order below is washers, mounting feet, and large nuts. After fitting the accessories, we put the water inlet pipe in the opening of the basin, tighten the mounting feet and the faucet, and tighten the big nut to fix it. Finally, we connect the two joints of the hose to the wall to enter the water.

2. When installing the faucet, please use proper strength and don't damage the faucet fittings with too much force. When you connect the hose to the water inlet pipe, you should separate the hot and cold water. Generally, the left side is hot water and the right side is cold water. If we are installing a faucet for a new house, we need to clean up the debris in the water pipe and drain the water before installing it, and then install the faucet after the water becomes clear.

3. There may be differences in the installation methods of different types of faucets. You can check the product manual before installing the faucet. If the faucet we buy is relatively high-end, and everyone is not very familiar with faucet installation, you can also ask professionals to help install it. If we are installing an electric faucet, we need to check whether the voltage meets the standard before installation.