Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of Single And Double Faucets


The faucet is a necessity in the kitchen, is it a singl […]

The faucet is a necessity in the kitchen, is it a single handle? Is it better to double? Below, Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of single and double faucets:


1. Features of single-handle faucet: If your kitchen area is not large, then the single-handle faucet is the most suitable choice. It is very convenient to adjust the water temperature and output with one handle. Single-handle faucets are mainly divided into desktop single-handle faucets and single-handle pull-out faucets.


(1) Desktop single-handle faucets are more common in kitchens. One handle makes the operation very simple. Adjust the water flow and water temperature up and down, which is very practical.

(2) The biggest advantage of the single-handle pull-out faucet is that it can more easily clean the corners of the kitchen, and the places that are out of the reach of ordinary faucets, expand the cleaning area and bring convenience to the kitchen.


2. Features of the double-handle faucet: This type of faucet occupies a little more area than a single-handle faucet, but it has powerful functions and can enjoy cold water and hot water at the first time, which is more practical and beautiful.

(1) Desktop double-handle faucet: The hole on the kitchen basin determines whether this faucet can be used, so it is best to use a matching product, and the two handles respectively control the cold and hot water. If you have children in your family, the design of this type of faucet is safer, and you will try to avoid hot hands that can’t distinguish between cold and hot water.

(2) Wall-mounted faucet: You can freely match different types of kitchen basins according to your preferences, and make full use of the wall above the kitchen basin, which saves space and is very beautiful. However, because domestic architectural design rarely uses water channels to hide in the kitchen, it will be relatively difficult to maintain. The main reason is that all the water pipes are buried in the wall.