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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces 7 Commonly Used Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers introduces 7 commonly used kitchen faucets:

1. Single handle mixing faucet:
The hot and cold water is discharged, and the water stop is operated by a handle, which can adjust the amount and temperature of the hot water on the left and right sides of the operation type. It is widely used in the kitchen because it can be operated with one hand and is easy to use. There are many prices and changes in design, and most of the overall kitchens also adopt the standard of single-handle faucets.

2. Double handle (faucet) mixing faucet:
The water volume and temperature can be adjusted through the two handles of the hot and cold water supply. It can also be seen in imported goods such as individual designs.

3. Mixing faucet with hand shower:
The faucet that can draw out the hose from the front and can hold the shower is a widely used type at present. The water flow of the hand shower can reach any corner during cleaning, which is convenient to use.

4. Water purification faucet/integrated faucet:
In addition to the usual faucet functions, there are also special faucets for water purifiers. Install a filter element (water filter) under the counter, and a faucet with a built-in water filter element. In addition, there is also a mixing faucet device that integrates water purification functions.

5. Automatic faucet non-touch faucet:
The non-contact faucet can stop draining without touching the faucet body. There is a sensor under the position of the spout to detect the proximity of the hand and the dishes to control the discharge of water. The faucet automatically stops when it leaves. There is another type, just put your hand on the sensor on the top of the faucet to sense the water, and stop the water when you repeat the action.

6. Tap switch type (touch switch type) faucet:
The top switch controls the drain-type faucet. Touch with your hands or the back of your wrist, even if your hands are occupied, you can easily operate and stop at any time.

7. Touch switch type faucet:
During the cooking process, the handle will get dirty with your hands. This type of touch is OK only with the palm, fingers, and back of the hand. Since the water can be stopped frequently with one button, it is excellent in terms of water-saving.