Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Explains How To Use Faucets In Winter


The faucet is a must-have product in every household, w […]

The faucet is a must-have product in every household, which facilitates the lives of many people. However, in winter, especially in some cold areas, the faucet is prone to freezing. Then what should be done? Don't worry, then Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers will mainly explain three tips for you to solve this problem easily.

First, hairdryer. Normally, some people will use a hairdryer to dry some clothes that have not yet been dried, and also use a hairdryer to warm their hands in winter, but in fact, the temperature of the hairdryer can also be used to defrost, but you need to pay attention to it. Blow vigorously in place, otherwise it will cause damage to the faucet. Just like blowing your hair, blow evenly to achieve the purpose of thawing.

Secondly, we can put the towel in hot water. After the temperature of the towel rises, put it on top of the faucet, but this is not all the steps. The most critical step is to put the towel on the faucet. Use hot water to continuously pour the towels so that the purpose of that can be achieved. The reason why the towels are placed is to prevent the instant rise in temperature, which will cause damage to the water pipe.

The last method is accommodating heat. Presumably many people know that when they are sick, there are often some heating measures. The heating method uses this principle. It will help the water pipe to raise the temperature locally. Its thawing effect is the most among the three methods. Yes, of course, its cost is the largest.

When the faucet is frozen, we must not use these faucets blindly. Use other faucets that have not been frozen first. Defrost the frozen faucets first. Do not use them immediately after thawing. You should go there after a period of time. Use it to protect our faucet to the utmost extent.