Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Explains How To Deal With Rust Spots On Faucets


Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers describes how to deal wit […]

Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers describes how to deal with rust spots on faucets:

1. Prepare salt and vinegar, mix the salt and vinegar together, stir, let the salt fully dilute in the vinegar, and then heat it, after heating, use an absorbent sponge or rag to fill the liquid, and then put it For rusty places, cover 20-30. Halfway through, dipped a rough cloth with salt and vinegar mixture and scrubbed vigorously to easily get rid of the stubborn rust.

2. Assuming the method of using soft cloth and toothpaste, please pay attention to the degree of force, be careful that the toothpaste will grind out small marks on your precious faucet, and use the current crystal toothpaste.

3. Assuming it is chrome-plated, it is recommended to use Coca-Cola for cleaning. Coca-Cola contains a small amount of phosphoric acid, which chemically reacts with chromium to form a protective layer of chromium phosphate. Iron rust requires water and oxygen. The solubility of the gas decreases with the increase of temperature. That is to say, in hot water, the solubility of oxygen is relatively small, and the oxygen contained in hot water is relatively small while that in cold water is relatively low A lot, so the rust in the cold is faster.