Installation Precautions For Laundry Cabinet


Installation precautions for Laundry Cabinet : 1. Wheth […]

Installation precautions for Laundry Cabinet :

1. Whether the ordered Laundry Cabinet matches the actual product.

2. Open the packing box and see if there are any problems and accessories are missing.

3. Before installation, clean up the installation site, keep the site clean, and prepare for installation.

4. When installing, first screw the cabinet body adjuster feet tightly and firmly, then put the product upright and place it in the installation position, the first level the adjuster feet so that the four adjuster feet are stressed simultaneously, and then adjust the size of the door gap, Adjust the handle position to the front. Some products need to be drilled on-site. Pay attention to the water inlet and outlet positions, as well as the power supply position of the washing machine.

5. Open the countertop packaging, take out the countertop and its accessories, install the overflow outlet and overflow sleeve first, then install the faucet on the countertop, screw on the two inlet pipes, fix them, and then place the countertop on Adjust the level on the assembled cabinet, connect the water inlet pipe with the water inlet,
Note: The gasket inside must not be dropped or missing. After tightening, open the drain head, coat the contact surface with silica gel, lock it, and then set the drain pipes one by one, connect the water outlet to the drainpipe, and complete the water test The contact part between the countertop and the wall is made of silica gel to prevent water from entering.

6. Finally, clean up the installation debris in the cabinet, do a good job of hygiene and instruct customers, do not use sharp objects to rub on the basin and panel to prevent scratches and cause product failure.

7. After completion, fill up the pool and check whether there are any leaks (including water inlet, outlet, overflow hole, cage, and drain pipe). If there is no leak, then it is said to be completed. If there is a leak, it needs to be reprocessed or coated with silica gel. , Until there is no leakage.