Install Stainless Steel Faucets Need to Pay Attention To These


As we all know, stainless steel faucets are safe, lead- […]

As we all know, stainless steel faucets are safe, lead-free, free of corrosion and exudates, and have no odor or turbidity problems. It will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality, maintain the pure and hygienic water quality, and ensure complete safety and safety. What do you need to pay attention to when installing stainless steel faucets?

Installation stainless steel faucets matters needing attention:

1. The main body of the stainless steel faucet has been sold for inspection and debugging to the best state. Do not disassemble it during the installation process. Otherwise, the sealing performance of the faucet during use will be very poor.

2. Before installing the stainless steel faucet , be sure to remove the water pipe debris, and then connect the faucet inlet hose, so as to prevent debris from clogging the faucet, a simple method can open the household water main valve, so that the water flow to the entire water pipe for a simple flush to ensure water There is no impurity in the tube.

3. The water pressure of the faucet is 0.05-1.0MPa, and the applicable water temperature is 4°C-90°C. Therefore, it must be ensured that the household water pressure is within the required range during installation, otherwise the faucet will not be able to perform normal water supply.

4. During the installation process, the cold and hot water supply pipes must be connected according to the hot and cold water marks of the faucet, which is generally left cold and hot. Therefore, it must be noted during the installation process that the two can't be reversed.

5. After the faucet is installed, because other decoration links in the home are still in progress, the country is just the right to protect the faucet, because it needs a simple cover, mainly to avoid adhesion of other construction cement slurry, welding slag, etc. Causes the faucet to stain or become discolored or clogged and cannot be used.