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The shower surface is properly cleaned

Now the market to see the shower are mostly stainless steel surface, this kind of material cleaning is relatively simple. But also highlights a problem, often in the clean shower, we will only care about the surface clean, clean for the inside completely ignored. Surface cleaning can only give us a visual enjoyment, clean inside to have a comfortable shower, mainly to distinguish between primary and secondary, both internally and externally there is no conflict, both have nothing?

First, clean the water inlet

Long time to turn the water, the water pipe or tap water in some of the particles are difficult to come out from the water hole, it is easy to block the water hole, the shower nozzle unloaded, gently down the inlet down, pour out inside Of the debris. Remove the nozzle when you pay attention to save the accessories.

Second, clean up the nozzle dirt

    1. shower nozzle will be the water column from the multiple water hole out, reducing the impact on the skin, but also to achieve massage effect. When cleaning can be used from the side of the small objects, such as sewing with the embroidery needle. The needle one by one into each outlet hole, so that the scale from the outlet hole wall off, and then the water poured into the nozzle from the inlet, shake the water after the wash, so that the scale is fully cleaned. Sprinkler proper cleaning step surface clean and correct.

The method described above does not require too complicated tools, the more troublesome thing is to clean one by one. But the need to clean the nozzle when the demolition of the shower, that can not be demolished shower nozzle how broken? Many people know to use vinegar to clean the inner wall of the kettle, because the vinegar can dissolve scale, shower nozzle cleaning can also use this method The

2. Select a container that can drop the nozzle, pour white vinegar, clean lantern or a special scale detergent this type of weak acid, the nozzle of the end of the water into the bubble for some time (3-4 hours is appropriate) , With a small toothbrush or other clean brush brush a brush, then rinse the water can be.

One thing to note in this way is to use weak acid instead of strong acid. Sprinkler general surface has a plating layer, or other parts of the metal material, encountered a strong acid will cause corrosion of the nozzle.

3. After rinsing with water, wipe the clean water hole around the surface and the surface of the scale, meet the more "stubborn" sediments, do not use the needle, scratched with a nail until the fall off, and then wipe clean.

Of course, in order to maintain a longer service life, only pay attention to the shower nozzle cleaning is not enough, especially for the plating surface of the nozzle, but also for routine maintenance: after use, often with a clean soft cloth to wipe (preferably Dip a little flour to wipe the surface), let the surface smooth as new.