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The most durable shower material Competition

Rain shower , gold partner, perfect life. But now the market on the shower of the material and a wide range, how can the mixed handsome shower products in the purchase of both a beautiful and durable shower? Want to know the answer? Xiao Bian recommended pro from the most basic shower material Start, first find out what kind of material the most durable shower, and then further complete the shower to buy. What do you think of it? Interested pro and Xiaobian together to see the following on the shower classification and shower to buy the knowledge of it

First, the shower material which

What are the shower material? Shower faucet material generally have stainless steel shower faucet, plastic shower faucet, copper faucet faucet. The first two kinds of materials are less than the leading faucet faucet.

1. Plastic material shower

Plastic material, the water hole is silicone. Solar water heater with a long time there will be scale, these scales will plug the water hole. If it is only the need to manually squeeze out the water hole can clean up the plug in the hole in the scale of the scale, plastic shower, and now the engineering plastics performance, strength, heat resistance is also OK. Plastic material has the advantages of affordable, the shortcomings of heat is easy to change.

2. Stainless steel shower

Stainless steel sprinklers are still very common a few years ago, but have been rare in recent years. It is resistant to wear, no rust, affordable and so on. The drawback is made of stainless steel shower style is more single. Work is also very much in place.

3. Aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy material shower

Aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy is not afraid of the advantages of wear and tear, lightweight and durable. The disadvantage is that it may take a long time. From the shape, color up with. In the choice of a good style, color, you first choose the product material. Followed by looking at the coating. Always from the material, the hardware shower with copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, plastic and so on several.

4. Copper plating material shower

Hollow copper chrome (mostly round rod, thick square bar generally also): hollow copper shower Advantages: style and more affordable. Disadvantages: fear of wear, the best electroplating perennial in the wet environment will fall off, plating thin, with how long will not fall off plating. Easy to deformation, the regular manufacturers do not generally have this problem! But some manufacturers use a tube to see more rough, but the wall is very thin, with the use of the bad (recommended to buy when forced to pressure, easy to bend not).

Solid copper chrome (usually square tube, and some in order to prove to be solid, at both ends of the rod specifically twist a few flowers): full copper shower Advantages: fine workmanship, electroplating relatively thick, durable. Disadvantages: high prices, the style as much as hollow.

Second, what material is the shower durable?

1. In general, the shower faucet material is generally used with copper as raw material, the best copper, copper because of steel and other metal is not easy to rust, shower nozzle outside the surface of the best 5 times Electroplating treatment, such a shower faucet manager was durable, because the bathroom is very wet, so the bathroom hardware pendant material is best made of aluminum, that is, the so-called space aluminum.

2. Sprinkler nozzle spool material, it is best to use high hardness of the ceramic, made of ceramic as the material of the valve core has a good seal, durable and not rust, with no jerky.

3. Shower hose There are a variety of metal hose, braided tube, PVC reinforced tube, etc., different materials, some differences, which is not a good answer. When buying the time to see the surface smoothness of the hose, even gap, feel smooth, natural start, solid structure, anti-destructive and so strong.

Third, the shower to buy skills

1, to see the spray effect: to ensure that each of the small spray hole spray uniform, consistent under different water pressure to ensure that the dripping shower effect, buy jet flow is uniform.

2, see the water way: according to the mood to choose the right spray mode, there are natural and comfortable rain, vibrant massage, comfortable and warm spray, smooth soft water column, water-saving state drip.

3, see the surface coating: shower surface is generally chrome, a good coating in the 150C ° high temperature to maintain 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkling, no crack peeling phenomenon, 24 hours acetic acid spray detection is not corrosion. Choose light and smooth the quality of the shower is better.

4, see sprinkler spool: spool affect the use of the shower feel and life, good with a ceramic spool, smooth and no friction. In the selection of hands when you twist the switch, feel comfortable, smooth performance.