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How to do the kitchen sink leaks

First of all, we have to identify the exact reasons for the leakage of kitchen sinks . If the faucet leaks, then only need to turn the faucet red color and blue color signs open, replace the inside of the rubber pad on it, so that will not let the faucet leak, and convenient and reliable. This method is also a friend introduced to me, but also according to this method tried, very efficacious, convenient and quick.

Kitchen trough leakage of such trivia is not very proficient in the kitchen structure of people, is indeed a troubled thing. If the connection between the sink and the table is loose, the water drowning on the table, resulting in leakage to the cabinet inside, such a trouble is often something. Solution: first to the building materials market to buy glass strips, because the glass gel sealing effect is good, and then buy back the glass glue sealed in the sink and the convergence between the table, so that the use of such a method, then Also do not worry about the kitchen sink leaked.

If you want to use a convenient and quick way to deal with the kitchen sink water leakage, or need to learn some of the sink installation structure, only clear the sink of the "temper", you can "the right medicine." Kitchen sink sewer water leakage such a thing is not surprising, then what kind of approach can be a good solution to this problem? Whether the above interface is leaking, or sink water pipes and underground water pipes between the water, are generally Is the rubber pad aging, or even use the crack, and only need to open the rubber pad, re-change a solution.

After a thorough examination and found no place to leak, then it may be the problem of the sink itself, and perhaps the sink is not careful with cracks. Solution: with a waterproof putty on the line, this is a simple solution, but also do not need to re-change a sink, simple and convenient, but also practical, if you think this method is also good, I hope to help you solve the problem easily.

In addition, the kitchen sink leaks, perhaps not the reason for the sink, nor is the faucet leaking, nor is the problem of the sewer, and the convergence of the table is not loose, in this case, the only reason is that a part of the sink is broken Or loose, and carefully check the angle valve, screws, pads, etc., perhaps because of the use of a long time, resulting in corrosion or aging, the problem caused the kitchen sink water leakage, you need to re-replace, serious, you can also buy a The

The above is about the kitchen sink leak how to do this problem, I hope to be able to deal with the kitchen sink water leakage help. In general, no matter what causes the kitchen sink water leakage, we must first identify the reasons for leakage, and then find out according to the reasons to solve the problem, is the solution to the problem.