How To Simply Clean Up China Stainless Steel Sink


Environmental protection is the representative advantag […]

Environmental protection is the representative advantage of stainless steel, so people will have a preference for stainless steel materials, such as using China Stainless Steel Sink in the kitchen, stainless steel laundry cabinet on the balcony, etc., it can be seen that stainless steel is becoming more and more common in life. However, if you use a time factory, it will inevitably appear stains, so how to deal with it correctly?

First, prepare the materials and tools you need:

Dishwashing liquid, distilled white vinegar, baking soda, lemon or lime, rag, toothbrush, nylon sponge.

Second, install the steps to clean up:

1. First, rinse the sink thoroughly. Salt and acid in food can damage the coating on the stainless steel surface, so rinse it after use every day to prevent corrosion.

2. Next, after wetting the stainless steel surface, sprinkle with baking soda, then spread the baking soda everywhere, scrub the bottom and all around, and rinse.

3. In order to clean the groove joints in the sink and the joint between the top and the table top, you can gently brush, rinse and brush with a soft toothbrush and blisters until the details are clean.

4. After cleaning the surface and details, place a layer of paper towel soaked in white vinegar in the sink. After standing for 20 minutes, the paper towel was taken out and discarded.

5. Next, after soaking the soapy water with a nylon sponge, clean the sink again, then rinse it off with water.

6. Cut the lemon or lime and place it on the drain. Rinse with water. In addition to cleaning the sewer, there is also a fragrance.

7. For the faucet, wipe it with mild mild soapy water. If the fingers and rags are difficult to reach, you can use the brush again to help. If there are spots, the rag and white vinegar can be removed.

8. When the cleaning is complete, rinse the sink thoroughly with water again, then dry with a soft rag.