How To Restore Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


If you are cleaning the stainless steel oven rack at ho […]

If you are cleaning the stainless steel oven rack at home, use Easy-Off to loosen the dirt. Put the shelves in my stainless steel kitchen sink and leave them there for too long. The sink is now a chemical in the cleaner. Overwhelmed, so I found a solution online. One suggestion is brass polishing, tried but the sink still looks bad. Is there any way to restore the sink or need to replace the sink?

In fact, you can try to use the maroon Scotch-Brite pad and Bar Keepers Friend or Bon Ami to clean the sink, and choose to replace other powder cleaners as long as it does not contain chlorine bleach. It can only be wiped in the direction of grinding into stainless steel, not in a circular motion, except for the drain pipe, and then rinsed very well, then wait a few days to do it again.

It is important not to store open containers of household cleaners and chloride-containing chemicals such as bleach, acid, drain cleaners and toilet cleaners under the sink. The vapor produced by the chloride corrodes and corrodes the stainless steel.

Therefore, when cleaning the stainless steel sink, special care should be taken not to damage the self-healing ability of the stainless steel. Use a chlorine bleach to clean the stainless steel sink and remove the chrome oxide layer. If you use a steel wool scrubbing pad at the same time, you can provide perfect conditions for rust.
Please choose the right cleaning equipment to extend the life of the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink .