How To Rationally Design Balcony Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet


A fun and practical laundry room? If your dirty clothes […]

A fun and practical laundry room? If your dirty clothes are left in a mess, you will need to place a stainless steel laundry cabinet on the balcony, which will help you to store small items, clean your clothes, or store dirty clothes. So about the balcony design Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet , Xiaobian has several suggestions to tell you:

1. It is important to design a stainless steel laundry cabinet that suits the height of your family and your family.

At present, many of them are mostly small-sized, so the use of space rate will be infinitely magnified, so how to make a fuss in the laundry cabinet, so that the family can adapt to their own laundry cabinet height, easily complete the daily needs, also The proper thing to note when designing a laundry cabinet is to use vertical space theory. In many cases, the cabinets and cabinets can be used to help the storage space. Of course, it is also reasonable to hide the washing machine in the laundry cabinet and increase the movable area of the balcony.

2, design the use of balcony height space to help dry clothes

You need to know that there is a laundry cabinet, which integrates laundry, puts dirty clothes, puts on a washing machine, and stores small items. The washed clothes should be dried in a small apartment, and the balcony height is used to install clothes on the top of the balcony. Wire rope is the best choice, not only convenient but also adds another feature to the balcony.

3, pay attention to environmental protection when designing balcony laundry cabinet

Environmental protection has always been a topic of concern to people. Of course, in the design of the balcony laundry cabinet should also pay attention to the current stainless steel material is more stand out of all materials, environmentally friendly, all stainless steel laundry cabinet will be favored by people. Its recyclability is unmatched by all materials.