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How To Pick The Right Handmade Sink Size

Handmade Sink comes in different sizes, the common width is 40~50cm, the length is 50~85cm, and the depth is 20~25cm. According to the type, there are single-slot and double-slot. In recent years, a stepped type is also popular.

1. The single sink, especially the large single sink, is very beautiful and has a large operating space, so it can be put into a larger size pot. Usually, we can also avoid the situation of splashing water in the sink when we wash dishes and vegetables. , but not good partition operation.

2. Double sinks, two sinks can be operated in different zones, which can improve the efficiency of cooking and washing dishes. For example, one side is used to wash meat, the other side is used to wash vegetables, and the other side is used to pre-rinse tableware, and then put Wait for a second wash on the other side. However, the operating space of the double sinks is small, and the large-sized pots may not be able to be put in for cleaning, and the baffles between the two sinks are easy to accumulate and splash water.

3. Although the stepped sink can realize partition operation and solve the problem that the pot cannot be put down, the biggest disadvantage of the stepped sink is that it is easy to accumulate water, so it is not particularly recommended to buy.