How To Maintain The Durability Of Stainless Steel Floor Drain?


Stainless Steel Floor Drain is a common thing in the fa […]

Stainless Steel Floor Drain is a common thing in the family. It is easy to clean, practical and strong by people like it. Although there are floor drains of other materials, only stainless steel is used in particular. It can be used not only with various home decoration styles but also because of its strong durability.

Compared with other floor drains, stainless steel floor drains can last for more than 30 years, and the relative maintenance and maintenance workload will not be much. To know that the most affordable material on the market is a plastic material, but it is not used, it is easy to break, and it is not easy to clean daily, so the durability of stainless steel material will appear even better.

Here's AFA to share some simple maintenance tips:
1. Maintain a very important steel surface. After the stainless steel floor drain is used, it is recommended to clean and check regularly to maintain a lasting relationship.

2. Do not use any gasoline, alcohol, or any other chemical solvent to remove stains from the stainless steel surface. Can easily cause a chemical reaction.

3. Can not use steel ball, easy to damage the surface, thus affecting the use of time.

4. Daily cleaning should be wiped with a gentle towel, often kept dry.