How To Identify The Good And Bad Of Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink


Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink are the first choice […]

Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink are the first choice for many families who pursue an exquisite fashion kitchen life. As an average consumer, how do you identify the quality of the Afastainlesskb Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink during the purchase process? The quality can be judged by the following criteria: The best steel plate for making the sink is 304. This kind of steel plate is most suitable for kitchen use regardless of its hardness and wear resistance. The steel surface is particularly smooth, oil-free, dirt-free and does not need to be cleaned. Use rags is enough. The general sink needs an overflow device and the surface looks delicate.

The thickness of general Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink is 0.8mm-1.0mm, the quality of 1mm is relatively good, too thin will affect the service life and strength of the sink, too thick and easy to damage the cutlery. Good Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink use thicker plates, because the sink has been edge treatment, it is difficult to see the thickness at once, the simplest way: press the surface of the sink a little harder, if you press it down, it shows that the material is very thin, of course, if you can borrow vernier caliper and spiral micrometer, do not be so troublesome.

Environmental hygiene, easy to clean, flatness is good. The most intuitive criteria to determine the quality and grade are: gloss, oil, and no stain after basin cleaning. Material anti-fouling is a priority when buying stainless steel sinks. In order to make the sink change To be clean, many people are accustomed to brushing with steel balls. The sink is clean, but in fact, the sink is actually getting dirty faster. Because the sink is easy to hang dirty, the quality of the steel is not good at all. Then use a steel ball to scratch more easily.

The water pipe is leakproof, the precision of the parts and the precision of the sink are the same. With PVC material, it has the same life as the water tank, anti-blocking, non-seepage dripping. The steel ball positioning is the key to sink the sewage. The ball positioning is of good quality and can quickly eliminate the sewage and prevent the odor. The back water pipe is another key to the anti-odor return of the water tank. The design of the sewage pipe to be S-shaped can reduce the return of the sewer. The special sterilization process is even more perfect.