How To Extend: Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Life?


As a consumer, of course, the longer you can use the be […]

As a consumer, of course, the longer you can use the better, the laundry cabinet is no exception. Of course, the quality of the laundry cabinet produced by the manufacturers affects the service life. The rest depends on our daily use of the laundry cabinet. The better it is, the longer it will last!


China stainless steel laundry cabinet manufacturer explains the maintenance methods to extend the life of the laundry cabinet:



1. Be careful when handling! In case of moving or moving, this errand will naturally fall on our ordinary consumers themselves. It should be noted that the balcony laundry countertop is basically formed of stone at one time, and should be lifted gently. Don't avoid bumpy transportation without any buffer device, it is easy to break.



2. The laundry cabinet of any material will turn yellow if exposed to sunlight all year round. Therefore, if the laundry cabinet is installed on the balcony, it is necessary to install a curtain on the balcony window or avoid direct sunlight.



3. For the maintenance of the cabinet, that is, external maintenance. Rice washing method This is a simple and practical method. The milky white rice washing water after washing the rice is used to scrub the cabinet, often using a soft cloth to follow the texture of the wood to dust the cabinet, the effect is very good!



4. When cleaning the interior, try to use some soft cotton cloth that is not easy to depilate. Avoid using too hot or too alkaline liquids to clean the inside of the cabinet.



5. With cracks, you can mix them with putty and paint and embed them to keep them intact. But pay attention to the putty and pigment must be the same color as the original paint to prevent leaving scar marks.



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