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How To Deal With A Blocked Kitchen Sink

How to deal with a blocked Kitchen Sink :

1. If you find that the kitchen sink is blocked, the first thing to do is to close the water pipe to avoid more stagnant water. Do not try to flush the impurities down through the water.

2. First, take a look at what is blocking the kitchen sink. Generally, the places where the kitchen drain pipes are blocked are mostly U-shaped bends. If it is a drain pipe with a sewage screw, it is easy to handle and unscrew directly. However, it is best to put a sewage basin under it before treatment to avoid getting Dirty cupboards. After unscrewing, use the steel wire to pass through both sides, which can usually be solved quickly. If it has not been solved, you can remove all the sewer pipes, unscrew all the plastic connections, rinse them clean, remove the impurities inside, and then assemble them in sequence, which will be done in less than half an hour.

3. Generally, the sewer pipes in the home are blocked by greasy, so pouring a pot of boiling water into the sewer pipe first, and then dredging it will have a better effect. Reach the drain pipe with hands or hooks and other tools to remove the blockage. of dirt. If you live on the first floor, check the outdoor drains for fallen leaves or silt that has accumulated and blocked drains.

4. When there is no obvious blockage in the drain pipe of the pool or washing tank, the overflow hole can be blocked with a damp cloth, and then the sludge can be removed with a scraper.

5. If the blockage in the drain pipe of the sink or washing tank cannot be removed by using the squeegee, you can place a bucket at the water trap of the drain pipe, and then unscrew the elbow to remove the blockage inside.

6. If the above methods do not work, it means that the sludge that caused the blockage of the drain pipe is deep in the pipe. At this time, the repairman should be notified in time to avoid long-term blockage and water accumulation in the pool. In fact, it is best to find a professional master. If the sewer pipe is blocked by bulky debris, you should also find a professional company to clear it. So as not to break the water pipe yourself.