How To Customize Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Correctly


Decoration has always been a matter of great concern to […]

Decoration has always been a matter of great concern to people. Kitchen decoration in particular can reflect one of the excellent credentials of the overall house decoration. Then, when it comes to kitchen decoration, we should pay attention to too many points. Today we will talk about the knowledge of cabinets. First of all, cabinets are the product of a new era. It integrates many functions. With people's personalized needs, custom cabinets have become very popular. So what do you need to pay attention to when customizing cabinets? The following AFA Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets suppliers list some common precautions.


1. pay attention to the thickness of the cabinet board

The thickness of the panels of the cabinet is different, and the cost is also very different. 18mm sheet is about 7% higher than the cost of 16mm. However, it is not necessary to think that it is cost-effective. Cabinets made of 18mm thick plates have doubled or even more service life than 16mm. In addition, the cabinet is more stable and crack-resistant than 16mm.


2. pay attention to whether it is an independent cabinet

Overall connected cabinets are very unstable, so people must ask clearly when buying overall cabinets. In addition, the service life and cost of the two are much worse.


3. Need to ask the composition of artificial stone

Suitable materials for kitchen countertops include fire board, artificial stone, marble, granite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, artificial stone countertops are the most cost-effective. At the present stage, more acrylic and pure acrylic are on the sales market. Among them, the acrylic component in the compound acrylic is generally the best proportion of about 20%.


4. ask whether the artificial stone is installed clean

This point must be ignored by many people: if the selected cabinet manufacturer is dusted, you must remember to choose to install the countertop before the wooden floor and paint enter the venue, otherwise you will have to pay a large price for secondary polishing. Burning money is also strenuous.


5. pay attention to the way of assembling cabinets

Generally small factories or hand-made on the spot can only be connected with screws or rivets or glue. The latest third-generation box body tenon structure plus fixing cards and quick-install parts are used to more reasonably ensure the box's firmness and bearing capacity, and minimize the use of adhesives, which is more environmentally friendly.


6. Pay attention to whether the side plate is single-sided or double-sided.

The unsatisfactory manufacturers in the production and manufacturing process will charge the side, and the side panel will only be sealed on one side. The side panel of the single-sided seal is very easy to get damp and moldy, and it is also not environmentally friendly. It is very easy to cause environmental pollution, so it is necessary to make a double-sided seal.


7. Pay attention to whether the cabinet is edge-sealed for insect prevention and noise reduction.

The cabinet with anti-noise and noise reduction edges can be used to mitigate the impact and eliminate noise when the cabinet door is closed. The unique structure can prevent small bugs and other bugs from coming in, which is safe and hygienic.


8. pay attention to the cold water tank cabinet aluminum platinum installation method

There are generally two types of cold water tank installation methods: one-time pressing and glue pasting. People recommend one press here, because the tightness of one press is more intact, moisture in the body is not easy to penetrate, and it has a good protective effect on the life of the cabinet.


9. pay attention to whether the cabinet can provide inspection reports

Cabinets are furniture products, and the state has clear regulations requiring manufacturers to produce finished product inspection reports and specify formaldehyde content. Some manufacturers only provide raw material test reports, but what the custom Jun wants to remind everyone is that the raw material report is not necessarily a finished product report. Only qualified products can confirm that the product is qualified. Therefore, when purchasing cabinets, people have the right to ask the store for a finished product certificate, and they also have the right to take the serial number of the quality inspection report to the quality inspection unit to verify the authenticity.


10. pay attention to the warranty period of the cabinet

Manufacturers who dare to guarantee a warranty of about five years will have higher requirements in the materials and production stages, and will be the most secure for customers. Although many small manufacturers are tempted by the low price, once there is a problem, there is no way to help customers deal with it. It is also very difficult to contact the after-sales service. Therefore, people must ask questions such as quality assurance when choosing a cabinet.

In general, people must pay great attention when choosing custom cabinets. If you pay little attention, you will be trapped in one pit after another.