How To Customize Lavatory Cabinet Reasonably


First of all, it is necessary to determine the place to […]

First of all, it is necessary to determine the place to put the Lavatory Cabinet , because the cabinet can not be moved or adjusted after it is done, so the place to put the cabinet must be determined to ensure that the cabinet will not affect the use and other things after the cabinet is done.


Then, after determining the location, it is the size. It is best to have a ruler and a pen to accurately measure the size to ensure that the cabinet is just the right size.


Then you can choose to make wooden cabinets or ceramic cabinets according to your preferences and the actual situation of the bathroom.


If it's a new home and hasn't been renovated in the past, I recommend making a ceramic cabinet, which is more troublesome, but it is very practical and beautiful, and I'm not afraid of water getting wet or other things.


If the home has been renovated, then making ceramic cabinets will almost destroy the entire bathroom. At this time, it is recommended to make wooden cabinets, which can be directly fixed in the bathroom and fixed. It is more convenient and suitable for tenants. You can also move away if necessary.


In fact, if the bathroom is not very large, the editor recommends not to make a cabinet, you can buy a shelf directly, put it on the ground or hang on the wall, you can also put things, and it is more convenient and simple.