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How To Connect The Stainless Steel Laundry Tank To The Wall

Looking around the washing machine near some families, you will find a laundry pool. The sink provides a place to discharge the washing machine water and the pre-laundry. Depending on the type of laundry chute you purchased, it will be installed on the floor or wall. If you want to go under the sink without limit, install a wall mount. However, for wall-mounted work, you need to have enough support in the wall behind it.

What You Need: Tape Measure, Drill, Cordless Drill, Spirit Level, Set Screw

Plastic filler plate holes are drilled on both sides of the Stainless Steel Laundry Tank. These holes are located on the back of the laundry tank. Use the drill size indicated in your personal stainless steel laundry installation instructions.

Insert the tab into the slot under the edge of the bathtub and slide the anchor barb into the hole drilled into the skirt of the stainless steel laundry chute. Repeat on the other side of the bathtub.

Secure the mounting bracket to a 33 1/8-inch wall above the floor. Use a 1/4-inch square head screw to mount the bracket to a stud or wood stop.

Lift the stainless steel laundry tub and place it on the mounting bracket. Make sure the slot on the back of the wash tub is installed on the edge of the mounting bracket. This completes the stainless steel laundry tank connected to the wall.