How To Clean The Calcium On The Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet


Some people now use vinegar to be more environmentally […]

Some people now use vinegar to be more environmentally friendly. But in fact, it does not work well in our house. And when you use more vinegar, you will find that your nails will be "corroded", even then I can't remove all the sediment from the faucet. So I think this is a good technique, if you try vinegar, it is not for you.

How to remove the calcium stain on the Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet

First of all, we need to prepare something:


• water

• plastic bag

• Rubber band


• Magic Eraser (optional)

Other steps to remove calcium are:

Fill your baggie with 1 part CLR and 1 part water.

Use a rubber band to secure it to the faucet outlet.

Leave for a few hours.

How to remove accumulated calcium from the faucet

This is what the faucet looks like after a few hours of soaking in the CLR solution.

Then grab a magic eraser (general is fine) and wipe off the accumulation. You may pass the rag. I am like my magic eraser.