How To Choose The China Stainless Steel Sink With High Frequency Of Kitchen Use


The size of the water tank, the choice of single and do […]

The size of the water tank, the choice of single and double tanks must be the size of the pot, it must be the size of the pot and pot can be put into the sink to clean. Size also needs to be optimistic about the size of the cabinet opening. This measurement method is slightly different for each brand. It is recommended to consult the shopping guide directly. In addition, what other points of attention?

1, material: normal family chooses stainless steel 304 material, do not choose 201. Therefore,China Stainless Steel Sink is very popular among people.

2, the process: drawing on the line, what matt, pearl, sandblasting, flashy, no need;

3, the rubber pad plays a role in silencing, the generic brand of the sink will have, when the insurance is bought, you can confirm it;

4, the water installation must be optimistic about the tightness and ease of opening

5, the water combination pipeline must have a water storage bend, which is to prevent the return of taste

6, consider the ease of installation, disassembly, the standard of accessories, to facilitate later maintenance;

7. In the end, choose a single tank or a double tank. In fact, there is no need for tangle. The double tanks are used to wash vegetables while filtering water. The single tank plus a sink water filter basket is the same. The final deciding factor is the size of the household. Small units are also recommended to be more practical.