How to choose China Stainless Steel Sink for hotel kitchen?


Stainless steel sinks are one of the must-have items in […]

Stainless steel sinks are one of the must-have items in hotel kitchen supplies, and many merchants now choose   China Stainless Steel Sink   . It is the most commonly used item in the kitchen, so it is important to choose a sink that is of good quality and easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. This will bring great convenience to the future kitchen work. So how do you choose a quality sink in many stainless steel sinks?

1. When purchasing a sink, you can touch the sink on the sink wall with your hand to see if there is no bucket kit. The high-end sink has no drum set.

2. The surface treatment process of stainless steel sinks is mainly divided into mirror polishing and matt drawing. The mirror is smooth and beautiful, but it is easy to scratch during use. Matte brushed has a strong scratch resistance, but it has no luster and poor visual effect. Can be selected according to specific needs.

3. The side of the high-grade stainless steel sink is usually flat and has no large curvature.

The forming process of stainless steel sinks is divided into stamping, welding and single-slot welding. If the processing is not done properly, there will be solder marks on the seams on the surface of the receiver, so you can see if there are solder marks, and if so, it is not a good receiver.