How to Choose an Effective Deodorant Stainless Steel Floor Drain


Cleanliness and freshness are the most basic requiremen […]

Cleanliness and freshness are the most basic requirements for each family's renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. However, as the weather gradually warms up, many families find that their own stainless steel floor drains begin to smell bad. Many people have said that although various methods have been used and odors cannot be eradicated, why is this? How to choose an effective deodorant stainless steel floor drain ?

The main function of the stainless steel floor drain is to remove odor, prevent insects, prevent clogging, and prevent returning water. So, why is the floor drain still frequently emitting odors? The floor drain is connected to the indoor and sewer lines. If floor drains with poor odor control are selected, combined with the large daily displacement of the toilets, odors in the sewage pipes can easily penetrate into the room, and odors will certainly occur. In addition, if the deodorizing floor drain is not installed properly, the gap between the perimeter and the pipeline is not sealed, and the odor will leak into the room from the floor drain.

In addition, stainless steel floor drains are not one of the reasons why kitchens and odors are not properly maintained after installation. Some water seals leak out for a long period of time, or if foreign matter such as hair blocks the pipeline, it will cause floor drains and deodorant malfunctions. The cheap floor drain does not achieve its own quality, and many functions cannot be realized after installation. This is one of the reasons for the odor.

Sewer deodorant floor drain can be divided into two categories: water seal deodorant floor drain and self-sealing deodorant floor drain. Water seal deodorant floor drain is the use of floor drain to trap the water to achieve the sealing effect. The traditional water seal floor drain structure is a bell type, like a buckle bowl structure buckled in the mouth of the sewage pipe, forming a “U” shape trap, using the “water seal” in the trap to achieve deodorant effect. On the basis of the traditional water seal floor drain, a variety of new types of water seals and deodorant floor drains have also appeared on the market, which has improved the deodorant ability.

Unlike water seals and odor-resistant stainless steel floor drains, self-sealing deodorant floor drains are generally sealed and deodorised by mechanical devices or silicone materials. Self-sealing floor drains have good deodorant, drainage, and self-cleaning capabilities. However, because most of them are controlled by mechanical devices, they occasionally have malfunctions. Choose carefully.