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How To Choose A Suitable Tube For Stainless Steel Faucet?

With the expansion of the market share of stainless steel faucets , the amount of pipes for faucets is also increasing. Stainless Steel Faucet pipes are also called stainless steel sanitary pipes in the industry. Due to the difference in application fields, this kind of pipe requires higher performance than ordinary pipes, and there are more things to pay attention to.

1. Determine the material
Since stainless steel faucets are often in a wet state, tap water may also contain disinfectants, so 304 stainless steel pipes are recommended for faucet pipes, or 316 stainless steel pipes can be used. Compared with the 201 material, these two materials have higher stability and corrosion resistance.

2. Look at the manufacturer

To choose the right faucet pipe manufacturer, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

① Look at the quality. Only a high-quality 304 pipe can cope with various processing and installation links in the later stage, otherwise, it is prone to bursting, trachoma, and waste. This is the most intuitive way to see whether the manufacturer has a complete quality control system and whether there is a third-party test report.

② look at the processing. Processing includes pipe bending, wire drawing or polishing surface treatment, and other links, such as wire drawing. If the wire drawing is not done well, it will easily lead to corrosion by disinfectants during use and reduce product life. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with rich experience as possible, because they have done many cases and have high processing ability, which can effectively avoid some late product hidden dangers.

In addition, you can also ask the manufacturer to produce drawings and samples according to your needs, and then discuss the next step after carefully reading the samples.

③ Look at the service. After the sample is satisfied, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer about details such as payment method and delivery date. During this process, pay attention to observing whether the manufacturer's service is matched, including whether there is corresponding customer service in the later follow-up. This is related to whether your goods are delivered on time, whether the delivery is correct, etc., which will directly affect your consumer experience.