How To Avoid The Choice Of Inferior 304 China Stainless Steel Sink


Stainless steel sink old listened to people chanting 30 […]

Stainless steel sink old listened to people chanting 304, 304, chose a half-day cannot see any difference, listened to the boss recommended to buy a, and finally used to feel a bit strange, so I found the relevant identification method, found to be 201. So how to avoid choosing the inferior 304 China Stainless Steel Sink ?

First, the advantages of 304 stainless steel sink

On the inner wall of some electric kettles and soya-bean milk makers, you will see the words “food grade 304 stainless steel”. As the stainless steel heat-resistant steel, the most widely used stainless steel for food, 304 is the most common steel grade, with good corrosion resistance. Heat resistance.

Second, fake 304 stainless steel

Many people know that 304 stainless steel products are more suitable for home kitchens. The corresponding 201 or 202 material is much worse in corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Now that we have the material, we must first figure out the label for each material. These signs are usually printed on the sink at the factory when they are shipped from the factory. 304 as a conventional material, its regular mark, and the only mark is SUS304, 201 material is SUS201.

The 201 material on the market is about 7,000 tons. 304 material is more than 13,000 tons, of course, the material price will also float, but because of the huge price difference, many dealers use 201 material to pretend to be a 304 material sink for sale. Usually, they will hit a side ball and print a non-formal 304 mark such as DUS304 or SVS304 on the sink.

Some people may think that someone will use the 201 material to mark the SUS304? This is not going to happen at the factory stage. Every industry has its own bottom line, and if it does, it will be messy. Moreover, the factory is basically a wholesaler from all over the country. A group of customers who are savvier than monkeys, you will play tricks with them and will only make you feel bruised. It is a way to look at the signs, but it can't be applied to the entire market, because the dealers with the swords are also there. Many wholesalers do not mark the goods, take them back and fight again. As for what they are, no one knows.

Since the sign is not 100%, then introduce a simple and effective method. That is to take the test potion test. This method is the simplest and most rude method. Clean a small piece of the back of the sink, drop a drop, wait for ten minutes, what material is clear at a glance. So when you go out and buy the sink, you can say, "Is it really 304 material, I will take the potion test!" Basically, I can also find some bad businesses.

Third, how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sink?

1, the process

The process of sink products made of stainless steel can be divided into two categories, one is welding and the other is body forming. A lot of the appearance of the sink is not much different, but the price is very different. In addition to the material problem, the process is also a reason.

In general, the one-piece stainless steel sink is made of a better material than the welded sink because the good quality sinks are produced using a one-time stamping process. If you are welding, you should check whether the welding process is good or not. This can affect the service life of the water tank. If it is well connected, it can prevent rust and desoldering.

2, material

The preferred material for making the best stainless steel sinks is 304 stainless steel, because this material is best suited for use in the kitchen in terms of hardness and wear resistance, and the surface is smooth and clean without brushing.

3, leveling

The most intuitive standard to judge whether a sink is good or not is to look at the gloss, oil, and stains after the water tray is cleaned.

The sink is relatively easy to dirty, so we should choose this dirt-resistant material in terms of material. Some stainless steel materials are not very good, and they need to be brushed after being dirty. The anti-fouling ability is also normal.

4, the water pipe

The drain pipe of the sink is well leakproof, depending on the precision of the fittings used and the accuracy of the sink. Can choose PVC material, longer life, and leakproof is not bad.

The positioning of the steel ball is the key to the discharge of the whole water tank. The better the quality of the steel ball, the better its sewage discharge capacity and the prevention of odor. One of the key points to prevent odors is to lower the water pipes. We can set the downpipes to S-shaped, which can effectively improve the return of odors.

5, thickness

The thickness of the sink is moderate, not too thick or too thin. The thickness of the sink is 0.8m-1.0mm, and the quality of the sink is better. If it is too thin, it will not be durable.

A simple way to determine the thickness of the sink: press it with your fingers and press it slightly. If it is pressed, the material is thin.