How Much Do You Know About The Whole Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet?


In recent years, affected by high house prices, many mo […]

In recent years, affected by high house prices, many modern families do not have much bathroom space, and it is difficult to make room for washing machines besides meeting the needs of daily washing. As a result, the whole balcony laundry cabinet is being sought after by more and more families. So, how much do you know about the whole Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet

First, what is the overall laundry cabinet?

It is simply understood that the modern integrated laundry cabinet is a complex that integrates the washboard, sink, faucet, washing machine location, and storage space.

Second, the role of the balcony overall laundry cabinet?

In order to avoid the spread of bacteria, many families will wash small close-fitting clothes and baby's clothes or high-end shirts by hand instead of in the washing machine with other coats. The whole laundry cabinet is equipped with a washboard and a sink, which provides convenience for everyone to wash clothes by hand.

Putting the washing machine on the balcony frees up the bathroom space and combines washing and drying into a whole, which is convenient and quick. The reasonable integration of the washboard, sink, washing machine and storage cabinet not only is fashionable and beautiful but also effectively improves the space utilization rate.

III. Precautions for Purchase

1. A height of laundry cabinet

At present, many businesses have done the treatment of high and low basins in the design of laundry cabinets, which is more humanized. When you choose the size of the balcony laundry cabinet, you should choose the appropriate height according to the height of the user. The average height of women is 4000px, and the washing machine in the balcony laundry cabinet is 90 cm high, while the outside of the pool is 5 cm lower and left. Of course, you can also customize the size of the balcony laundry cabinet to suit your own needs.

2. Size of laundry cabinet

The approximate length and width of the laundry cabinet should be determined according to the size of the room available for placing the laundry cabinet at home. If you choose a small-sized laundry cabinet, the ceramic material will be better. If the size of the laundry cabinet selected is relatively large, it is recommended to select the artificial stone material, because this material has a relatively long life, and if the laundry appliance carries more than 80kg of weight, the ceramic material will have various deformation problems.

3. The function of the laundry cabinet

When selecting laundry cabinets, full consideration should be given to the practicability of their configuration. Such as soap nets for soap, towel bar for towels, and other storage spaces. General professional laundry cabinet manufacturers will be more humanized in their design in these aspects and can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions.

Four, other matters needing attention

When purchasing, attention should also be paid to whether the hardware accessories of the laundry cabinet, such as taps, handles, and hinges, are of high-quality stainless steel. Whether the cabinet body is moisture - proof; As well as whether the pre-sale and after-sale service are professional or not. Generally, the regular manufacturer's laundry cabinet is guaranteed for 3 years.