How Do Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share The Best Quality Faucets?


In home life, the cost of kitchen utensils cannot be sa […]

In home life, the cost of kitchen utensils cannot be saved, especially the use of frequent taps. So, the kitchen faucets manufacturers  teaches you how to buy long-lasting, smooth water and high-quality faucets?


First, look at the appearance of flaws. It is essential to purchase faucets with no flaws or scratches. Look at the surface finish, touch the burr, see if there are any blisters, cracks, oxidized spots, etc. The international standard for faucet plating thickness is 0.8mm, and the good can reach 1.2mm. When you purchase, you can press the surface of the faucet with your fingers. If the fingerprint is quickly dispersed, the coating is good and can be purchased.


Second, the touch is soft. The faucet with a good structure is easy to use when pulling the switch, and it feels very soft. However, if the fitting structure is not good, the feel will be stunned or not, and you should test it before purchasing. If you are flexible and not heavy, you can buy it without a heavy feeling.


Third, choose a material with strong sealing. The main raw materials of the faucet are divided into copper and pure copper, and the higher is copper-nickel mixed material. Pure copper is not easy to corrode and oxidize. After repeated polishing, it is beneficial to electroplating, and the plating quality is better than that of copper. The built-in spool of the faucet is related to the service life of the faucet. Generally, there are steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valve has good pressure resistance, but the sealing rubber ball is easy to age, the ceramic valve has good sealing performance, and is more comfortable and smooth. purchase.


Fourth, pay attention to installation and use. When installing the faucet, do not rub it with hard objects, and do not leave cement, glue, etc. on the surface. At the same time, be sure to clean the internal impurities of the pipeline before installation to avoid blockage and affect the use. Do not use excessive force on the switch faucet, as long as you turn it gently. The metal hose of the shower head for the shower should be kept in a natural stretch state, and should not be folded into a dead angle to avoid breaking. Even high-quality faucet products rely on proper cleaning and maintenance to perform their maximum function. The correct way is to wipe with a soft cloth with a mild detergent.


Fifth, the inventory of spare parts is complete. Buy the faucet must not forget to count the zero distribution, the general faucet accessories have dehydrators, lifting rods and faucet fixing bolts and fixed copper sheets, gaskets; bath faucets also have showers, two inlet hoses, brackets, etc. Standard accessories, to be carefully checked, save trouble after going home.