How Can I Choose A Good Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet?


In daily life, the faucet is the most frequently used h […]

In daily life, the faucet is the most frequently used hardware and is the easiest to wear. However, the appearance of the faucet on the market is similar and the sealing is also very good. It is difficult for consumers to see the internal structure of the faucet and the true quality of the valve core when purchasing. It is basically impossible to open the faucet inspection. So, how can we choose a good quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet  ?

Stainless steel kitchen faucets seem to have a simple structure. In fact, there are many small parts inside, which makes it difficult for merchants to open the faucet to check the internal quality. However, even those consumers who do not understand, through the simple and intuitive feeling, can also buy a quality faucet.

First, the weight of the faucet is mostly made of pure copper as the material, so it is heavy, it will feel heavy in the hand, full of weight, inferior products due to cost constraints, it is difficult to have the same material and weight.

Second, look at the appearance of high-quality faucets are mostly processed fine, surface metal plating has a good finish, close to the mirror effect, from a different perspective, the reflection curve is smooth.

Third, turn the handle. Turn the handle of the faucet gently. You should feel that there is no gap between the faucet and the handle. The switch is free and has proper resistance, but it will not slip.

Fourth, listening to the sound A good faucet should be the overall casting of copper, the sound is dull when knocked, if the sound is very brittle, it is made of stainless steel, the quality is worse than a grade.

Fifth, look at the faucets produced by regular manufacturers. The detailed address and contact information of the manufacturer should be clearly written on the package. The products of the informal manufacturers or the fake products are often only affixed with some paper labels. Specifically, be sure to pay attention when purchasing.

Sixth How to use and maintain correctly is a headache for many consumers. In fact, as long as the installation, use and maintenance are correct, the actual service life of the faucet can be greatly extended, and always keep the light as new.

Please have experienced and qualified professionals to install. When installing, the faucet should not be bumped with hard objects. Do not leave cement, glue and other substances on the surface of the faucet to avoid damage to the surface coating. If the faucet is ready for a new house, because the water supply pipe network is newly paved, there may be sand and gravel impurities in the water. Before installation, pay attention to remove the sundries in the water pipe, and release the water until the water quality is clear before installing the faucet.

When turning the handle of the faucet, do not use excessive force and turn it gently to avoid human damage. For traditional screw faucets, do not use a lot of force to screw them to avoid damaging the rubber seal. After use, the surface of the faucet should be wiped clean to avoid surface corrosion and affect gloss.

If the water pressure of other taps is normal and the water in one of the taps is not smooth, you can remove the net cover at the outlet of the tap, and it can be restored as usual.

The metal water supply hose of the basin faucet or bathtub faucet should be kept in a natural stretch state. Do not have excessive entanglement or dead angles to avoid breaking the metal water supply hose and affecting the water supply.