How Big Should China Stainless Steel Sink Be On The Balcony?


I believe that when it comes to home decoration, we all […]

I believe that when it comes to home decoration, we all think about the drainage problem, and the device responsible for drainage in the home is the sink. Not only toilets, kitchens and balconies are usually fitted with a suitable sink for drainage. So how big should  China Stainless Steel Sink   be on the balcony?


The general size is a single groove of 68 × 45cm, 50 × 40cm is relatively small; the size of the double groove is generally 75 × 40cm, 81 × 43cm, 77 × 43cm and 78 × 43cm is more common; three slots are generally 97 × 48cm, 103 × 50cm is more common. Usually, the double sink is suitable for the balcony sink.


1, sink size selection

The kitchen space and keel spacing first determine the size of the sink. Single-slot is often the choice of families with too little kitchen space. They are inconvenient to use and can only meet the most basic cleaning functions.

2, the judgment of the sink

The production process first looks at the production process. The existing process is divided into two types: welding and one-time molding. The welding quality is one of the most critical factors affecting the life of the water tank. It is tight and has no welding; the molding is more advanced and extremely popular, but the production is very popular. The process is difficult, and the thickness of 0.8mm-1.0mm is the best, which can achieve the perfect combination of firmness and weak elasticity.