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Handmade Sink Wholesalers Introduces The Knowledge Of Kitchen Renovation

Handmade Sink Wholesalers introduces the precautions for kitchen decoration:

1. Reasonable size, the functional area of ​​the kitchen is generally divided into three parts: washing area, operation area, and cooking area. The reasonably sized kitchen functional area can make daily operations more comfortable and more comfortable.
①Washing area
Height: generally height ÷ 2+5cm;Width: In addition to the width of the basin, a width of at least 30cm should be reserved on the side away from the operation area for draining the tableware and placing the cleaned fruits and vegetables;Depth: 55cm or 60cm, generally consistent with the depth of the operation area.

②Operation area
Height: consistent with the washing area, the height is height ÷ 2+5cm;Width: at least 60cm or more, the operation area is too small, and it is easy to be in a hurry when preparing meals;Depth: 60cm, 55cm, or 35cm, the most common depth is 60cm, 55cm is used for small kitchens, and 35cm is mostly used for sideboards.

2. The lighting is sufficient. When the kitchen is renovated, it is far from enough to design a ceiling lamp in the middle of the kitchen. In addition to making the light in the kitchen more uniform, the reasonable layout of the lighting can also make the atmosphere of the kitchen more uniform add romance.

①Lighting under the hanging cabinet: Install the light strip at the bottom of the hanging cabinet, in addition to playing the role of auxiliary lighting, the hidden design enhances the design sense of the kitchen, which is simple but not monotonous. can also be used The built-in LED lights in the back of the cabinet are bright and comfortable, making the kitchen look more upscale.

②Internal lighting: An LED circular ceiling light can be set inside the cabinet, with bright light and small volume that does not take up space. Or install light strips under the laminate to assist in lighting and at the same timeWhen adjusting the atmosphere, adds a bit of mood to the kitchen life.
3. Moisture-proof and anti-fouling: The kitchen has a lot of water and gasoline, and if you don’t pay attention to cleaning, it will become messy and messy. If you add a little “mindfulness” to the details, it can not only greatly reduce the amount of daily housework, but also extend the life of the cabinet.

① Under-counter basin for sink: The sink adopts the installation method of the under-counter basin, which is convenient for the water on the countertop to flow into the basin smoothly, which is convenient for the cleaning of the countertop, and there is no need to worry about the edge of the sink becoming black due to the accumulation of bacteria, which looks more beautiful and generous.

②Mesa water retaining strip: When the kitchen is renovated, a water-retaining strip is installed on the countertop against the wall, which can prevent the dirty water from flowing into the back of the cabinet along the wall and prevent the cabinet from being corroded.

③ Cabinet skirting: The bottom of the cabinet is sealed with 7cm metal skirting and glass glue, which can not only prevent the accumulation of garbage at the bottom of the cabinet but also avoid friction with the ground when the cabinet door is opened and closed, causing the cabinet door to wear.

④Add aluminum foil board to the sink cabinet: The environment of the sink cabinet is relatively humid, which is easy to causes corrosion of the cabinet. Using a professional moisture-proof aluminum foil board and water glue strip for the next treatment can effectively separate the water and the board, and it is also very convenient to take care of.