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Handmade Sink's Maintenance Rules

Handmade Sink is maintenance rules:

  1. The newly purchased stainless steel sink can be wiped with a layer of animal or natural vegetable oil on the surface to prevent the surface of the sink from contact with corrosive chemicals as much as possible.
  2. After the renovation of the new house is completed, when the smart stainless steel sink is used for the next time, turn the boiling water tip and add water for more than six minutes, so that the dust or rusty chemicals in the water pipe can be cleaned and cleaned, and a thin cloth The surface of the stainless steel sink is clean and tidy. It is to continue to pass water several times on the second day to ensure that the rust water is completely drained and clean.
  3. During the whole installation process, the construction team is required to wrap the stainless steel sink with a packaging bag after installing it, and then disassemble the packaging bag for application after the interior decoration is completed.
  4. It is not necessary to touch hard or rusty metal materials with the sink for a long time, and do not use strong oxidizers to clean objects in the sink. After each application, clean the drying tank and wipe it with a towel to keep the sink tidy.

    5. Use a sponge or cotton cloth to clean the sink. If you use a cleaning solution, use a neutral detergent to gently clean it.
  5. If the remaining water causes the accumulation of minerals, it can be eliminated with a lower concentration of vinegar solution, and then cleaned thoroughly with tap water.
  6. It is not necessary to pour sewage into the sink when decorating the interior, and it is not necessary to use chlorine-containing cleaning tools such as bleach to clean the sink, silver-containing detergent, or sulfur powder, sulfuric acid, and its photographic drugs, or solder wire, etc. If things fall into the sink, they should be cleaned with tap water immediately.
  7. Do not use a wire brush to clean the sink to prevent scratches on the surface and make metal particles adhere to the basin wall and cause rust.
  8. There is no need to use an eraser pad because the stains under the eraser pad are difficult to clean.