Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduce The Advantages Of Handmade Sinks


We all understand that the sink is a daily necessity of […]

We all understand that the sink is a daily necessity of every family kitchen, which brings a lot of convenience to people's lives. Today, there are many sinks on the market, and it is difficult to tell whether they are good or bad. For example, what are the advantages of handmade sinks? Here is an inventory of AFA Handmade Sink Manufacturers !


  1. The so-called manual sink is made by hand. Generally, the thickness of the sink is 1.2-1.5mm. Stainless steel plates of this thickness cannot be cut on the mold and will fall off once punched. The thickness of ordinary shearing water tanks is no more than 0.8mm, so the first difference between these two types of water tanks is the thickness.
  2. Secondly, the manual sinks are made by hand. It is mainly made by laser welding. Therefore, the requirements for plates and electronic equipment are relatively high. Most of them use stainless steel plates above 304, so the cost of manual sinks is also high. Ordinary sinks are stamped through a mold, the sheet is thin, and the cutting shape is easier. Low-grade stainless steel sheets such as 201 are widely used, so the cost is relatively low.
  3. The surface of the manual sink is carefully brushed. This treatment method can well highlight the texture of the sink, giving a luxurious and high-end feel. The surface of the shearing tank is treated with pickling of pearl sand, the cost is extremely low, the process is very simple, and it does not look so high-end.

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