Handmade Sink Is One Of The Must-Have Cleaning Products In The Kitchen


Handmade Sink  is one of the essential cleaning product […]

Handmade Sink  is one of the essential cleaning products in the kitchen. However, the cleaning problem of this very helpful cleaning product itself cannot be an annoying thing for many people. Because the sink needs to be in contact with water and oil all the year round, many sinks will become no longer shiny due to this reason, or even dirty, and poor quality will be rusted. Otherwise, there will be a burst of unpleasant smell coming up from the sewer, such a kitchen is simply annoying. So how to choose a good sink is one of the key issues in a tidy kitchen, and what are the criteria for a good sink?


1. Good steel without oil: In order to make the sink clean, many people are accustomed to brushing with steel balls. The sink is temporarily clean, but in this way, the sink actually gets dirty faster. Because the quality of the steel is not very good because the sink is easy to get dirty, it will be easier to get dirty with a steel ball.

2. Good drain without returning smell: the smell of kitchen drain is a very bad thing. Keeping some water in the sink can block the peculiar smell, but over time, the sink is prone to rust and affects the appearance. This is by no means a long-term solution.

3. Good coating does not return to moisture: Many people think that the sink is of suitable size, easy to clean, and does not regain smell, but they just ignore a very important point, that is, the moisture resistance of the sink. Most of the sinks nowadays are built-in. If the sink is not moisture-proof, it is easy to cause damage to the cabinet. Over time, it may also produce mold and endanger health. So don't neglect the moisture resistance of the sink.