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Handmade Sink Factory Introduces How To Measure Cabinet Height

Handmade Sink Factory introduces how to measure cabinet height:

  1. Cabinet countertop height

    Each of us has different heights and habits, and we don't want to believe the height standards of cabinet countertops that others say. The standard of cabinets is certain, but our requirements are different. If you blindly install cabinets according to the standard table height, there will definitely be some inappropriate places in the end. In order to ensure that our countertops are suitable for our own use, the height of the countertops on the market is generally 80cm, 75cm, 65cm. Then the height of the countertop of the national standard cabinet is 80cm.

    2. Workbench height
    The workbench is divided into high and low levels. Generally speaking, the high size is between 890-910mm, which is commonly used in Western countries; the low workbench size is 810-840mm, commonly used in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; at present, some cabinets can adjust the feet to make the workbench reach the appropriate height.
    3. Stove surface height
    The kitchen surface is also a very important aspect of the cabinet height design. The height of the kitchen countertop is generally 890mm, the depth between the worktop and the stove should be 10mm, at least not less than 460mm, if the kitchen space is large, then 600mm can be used, the height of the range hood should be such that the height of the stove and the bottom of the machine The distance is 750 mm.
    4. Stove height
    The furnace of the double-burner furnace is 600mm high. After the stove is placed on the double-burner stove, add 150mm or 200mm, which is roughly flush with the 810mm high table; if the height of the stove exceeds 600mm, the user will find it very difficult.