Good Commercial Laundry Equipped With Stainless Steel Laundry Tank


Almost every family now has a washing machine belonging […]

Almost every family now has a washing machine belonging to their own small family. It will also be equipped with the same type of laundry tank. If there is iron in this situation, it looks like it can satisfy all the high quality living needs, but you know there are some leather garments and expensive garments. Obviously, the family's laundry conditions cannot be satisfied. Therefore, commercial washing machines gradually entered people's lives.

Now follow Afastainlesskb to understand the professional conditions available for commercial washing machines.

1.Stronger bearing capacity

For example, a commercial washing machine has a load capacity of 5 kg (about the maximum power of a home washing machine!) to 120 kg or more. A typical commercial washing machine is mainly made of stainless steel. In addition, due to the need for a uniform appearance, Stainless Steel Laundry Tank also need to exist. Of course, they can also be like your home machine, they have a variety of programs to handle different washing and fabrics.

2.Efficient iron saves water

Commercial laundries will also use ironing to iron large items, some of them up to 2 meters. Some even have automatic feeders, folders and stackers. Your home iron does not provide this type of function. Or you can buy a flat-plate press to iron more delicate things like shirts so you can press the item in seconds instead of a few minutes.

3.Expert laundry equipment is a must!

You can see that commercial laundry equipment is very different from the equipment you use at home. Even the request of a very small hotel will make your home washing machine crash quickly. Therefore, if you need to install a small or large washing machine, choose the right washing machine according to different needs.