Does The Magnetism Of Stainless Steel Lavatory Cabinet Affect Health


The stainless steel plate of the Stainless Steel Lavato […]

The stainless steel plate of the Stainless Steel Lavatory Cabinet itself is non-magnetic, but during the process of stretching into a basin, the metal crystal structure of the plate is deformed by high-pressure extrusion, which will produce a small amount of martensite structure.


This structure is slightly magnetic, and the magnetism will be greater where the tensile deformation is large. Therefore, the stretched part of the basin will have a little magnetism, especially the four rounded corners that have the largest tensile deformation, and the magnetism is also slightly stronger. However, the panel has little tensile deformation and is almost non-magnetic.


These magnetics will not affect the function of the leech, nor will it affect health, and they will weaken or even disappear over time. At present, some products on the market are non-magnetic because they are demagnetized to cater to consumers for unknown reasons.