Does The China Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Share The Pocket Stainless Steel Sink?


Recently, many friends asked Xiaobian pocket stainless […]

Recently, many friends asked Xiaobian pocket stainless steel sink to use? China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturers have collected some information to share with you, how to use the pocket stainless steel sink is better.

First, look at it with or without condensate. After using the kitchen sink, look at the bottom of the sink for water droplets, if any, for unqualified products. A generally qualified water tank has been subjected to a coating treatment process at the bottom of the tank so that the generation of condensed water can be prevented.

Second, look at how big the noise is. When the water flows against the bottom of the tank, if there is a loud sound, the sink is not very good. If the sound is small or even no sound, the sink is very good, because the sink is designed with a mute sticker at the bottom of the slot. Face preventing noise.

Third, look at how its surface is handled. The best surface treatment is the brushed surface treatment, but this requires a special machine to handle, only foreign, there is no domestic. The most advanced technology in the country is sandblasting, followed by sanding. If the surface is treated well, then the life of the sink will be extended for a long time.