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Custom Requirements For Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Requirements for Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :


1. The material of the door panel is very important. Stainless steel plate, as the name implies: is a plate that does not rust, but many people do not understand that there are many types of stainless steel plates. For example 201, 202, 304, 316, etc. 201 If it is exposed to water for too long, or the humidity is too high, it will rust after a long time. It is recommended to choose 304 base material for the production material of stainless steel door panel, so one is the cost Reasonable, the second is that it will not rust.


2. Identify good and bad hardware, hardware is an important part of the cabinet. According to the nature of the use of the cabinet and the weight of the door cabinet itself, it is difficult for many hinges to meet the quality requirements necessary for the cabinet. Inferior slide rails not only cannot be opened and pulled freely but also the drawer is unstable due to the uneven stress surface in the slide rail. Poor hinges are generally welded from thin iron sheets.the door panel falls off due to poor load-bearing. Inferior hinge springs have poor elasticity and no resilience. After a long time, they will lose their elasticity and make the cabinet door not close tightly. A good hinge is formed by one-time stamping, the surface is smooth and the coating thickness is not easy to rust. It is stable and strong. Its steel thickness, flexibility, Good corrosion resistance, high base, long arm, free positioning without displacement. The heavy-duty cabinet drawers are made of a slide rail connection, push and pull more freely.


3. Choose a professional design. Due to the different sizes and shapes of kitchens, personal requirements for performance and style are also different, so the professionalism of kitchen design is particularly important. From the initial on-site measurement to the final plan determination, it is not only necessary to consider the harmony and unity of the overall style, but also to pay attention to the rationality of the layout. There are many cases where cabinets cannot be installed due to unreasonable design. Please, professional designers, plan the layout of the kitchen according to their actual situation, and determine whether the location of waterways, circuits, and electrical appliances is reasonable; whether the height of the hanging cabinets and countertops conforms to ergonomics and the actual needs of the cook; whether the functional partition of the kitchen can ensure normal operation requirements.


4. Service requires strength assurance. When purchasing cabinets, consumers often "know it but don't know why" to the after-sales commitment and service guarantee made by the merchant, because many accessories of the cabinet can only be seen after use.  a lot of quality problems will arise from this. You can only use it with confidence if you buy it with confidence.