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Common Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Sizes

Common Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Sizes:

1. Small single slot is generally preferred by small-sized users, saving space. It is said that the opening of the small single slot can reach 650mm. However, many small single slots have different sizes now, and a hundred flowers contend, and I don’t know that each has its own size. It depends on the needs of the family.

2. The large single slot can put the pot in and clean it. It will be more popular in other countries and regions in Southeast Asia. The domestic style also absorbs the Japanese style, which can be regarded as absorbing some essence. The size of the large single-slot opening is 680-850mm, and the size of the common sink should be between 700-800mm. Because there is no other place to wash vegetables, this kind of single tank is inconvenient for many people, and the merchants must also know this problem, so the merchants will choose and sell them together with the drain basket.

3. Double tank, popular with the public, one side can wash meat, the other side can wash vegetables at the same time, and even when washing dishes, you can use detergent and water at the same time. The size here is not easy to grasp. Generally speaking, there are two types of double sinks: one is the double sink with double sink; the other is the same double sink with the same size; The most popular styles from the manufacturers are the double pots.